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What is Death Tax?
Keep and secure what you earn
  • When did you last discuss alternative asset protection strategies with a professional advisor?
  • Wouldn't you want to ensure that a portion of your assets legally exist outside your personal estate?
  • Are all your assets open to creditors or potential litigation?

As an individual or business owner, there is potential danger in leaving assets vulnerable to the whims of courts and government entities. Claims are higher today than at any time in the past. Probate court has been shown to tie up assets, placing them out of your beneficiaries control for years. Aurora Capital Strategies' programs prepare and position our clients and their holdings to reduce the impact of various unscheduled events, such as taxes, inflation and the value of the US dollar.

The main goal of our asset protection program is wealth retention. We simplify asset transfer, segmentation and diversification. Aurora Capital's programs use established legal techniques, financial tools, and both on/offshore domiciles to protect your assets from creditors and judgements.

Help: What is US Federal "Death Tax"?

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