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What is asset protection?
Aurora Capital Strategies views the concept of asset protection from the viewpoint of a cosmopolitan. While the United States is the world's most litigious society, there seems less client concern in the USA about protecting assets when compared with European Union, South American and Asian clients. Aurora Capital Strategies, Ltd. poses one simple question; Does a creditor, whether or not they have rights to your assets, have any sort of knowledge of or access to your assets? Our programs are flexible, and offer valuable asset protection with a combination of domestic and non-domestic structures depending on corporate or individual needs. Aurora Capital's programs provide comprehensive legal and ethical protection.

What is legacy creation?
Many of us think we are remembered for our accomplishments and the memories left with our special relationships. However we are also remembered for that which we bequeath to others—whether family members, business partners or charitable causes we support. Aurora Capital's programs customize and combine a wealth preservation strategy with pension formation and asset protection, to maximize your ability to maximize your wealth flow to others, safely and discreetly.

What is portfolio diversification?
In the USA, the most common view of portfolio diversification is comprised around different asset classes. Porfolio diversification is less commonly viewed in terms of international domiciles, international assets and currencies. Most USA citizens do not usually consider locations of assets and location-based tax advantages beyond a Delaware or Nevada legal structure. Aurora Capital Strategies views portfolio diversification as locating assets in an "opportune place." We look at such diversification from a global perspective and have experience in European, Carribbean, and Asian domiciles.

What is pension formulation?
Aurora Capital believes that underfunded pensions are significant storms on the fiscal horizon. For most companies it is not a question of just forming its pension, but HOW its pension is structured. The average management team of a micro cap-valued company is busy growing its business. Since daily operations take priority, there is little planning around creatively structuring the company pension as a lucrative asset to the business. This process is neither time-consuming nor expensive, but can help save the business and guarantee the going concern. Aurora Capital's pension formation program establishes a cash savings account versus a typical pension that only allows tax-deferred growth. The counsel Aurora Capital advocates: all private companies should have these kinds of savings accounts in place, since they add greater value to the business and leverage existing assets.

Why choose Aurora Capital Strategies, Ltd?
You may ask yourself, "Why not use my own agent or broker to create and manage this type of program?" There are few wealth management firms based in the USA with experience in global strategies that focus on the middle-market business client. Bulge bracket wealth managers focus on ultra-wealthy clients and their companies. Middle-market USA based firms usually do not think in the terms of the global and domestic economies and its impact on their clients. Aurora Capital works with your team of current professional advisors. Some of our programs allow our clients to continue to keep their current investment managers in place and in control of their client's assets. What we offer involves a more comprehensive perspective and long-standing business relationships with well-regarded transnational institutes with hundreds of years history in financial management and estate planning.

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