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  • Is your personal 401(k) or IRA sufficient to cover retirement needs?
  • Is your retirement exclusively invested in US stocks, bonds, and other assets?
  • Do you plan to sell your real estate holdings for retirement funds?
  • Does your individual retirement plan consider an imminent increase in US income taxes?
Individual public and private pensions are in a shortfall crisis; massive overhaul is needed. Most private corporations acknowledge their pensions are insufficiently funded and US Social Security may dry up in a few decades.

Whatever your combined programs, they will not be enough. Aurora Capital programs can boost your pension by efficiently creating another. Business owners face two unique problems in funding their own retirement. First, tax-favored, qualified plans restrict highly compensated individuals with limits on the amounts that can be deferred or contributed. In addition, anti-discrimination laws for these plans require you to contribute funds into these plans for all qualified employees.

Many business owners are not taking significant salaries from their business earnings. Why? Avoidance of high personal income tax rates and the need and/or desire to reinvest earnings back into immediate business growth. The result: funding outside investments for retirement becomes very difficult.

Are you are counting on your business providing needed dollars for retirement? Cashing in on your business for retirement involves more than just having enough financial resources inside the business. So how can you securely cash in on your business when it comes time to retire?

A non-qualified deferred compensation arrangement may be very useful and valuable. Pension formation and asset accumulation are two sides of the same coin. Aurora Capital Strategies pinpoints our clients' ability to accumulate wealth, and allow for a retirement that is worthy of the planning and execution of discrete goals.

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