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Convert pre-tax operating expenses into cash assets
  • Are your company's retirement benefits or pension sufficiently funded?
  • Wouldn't you prefer superior metrics for utilizing your company's assets?
  • Don't you want a managed savings account that increases with appreciation?

Many private pensions are in a shortfall crisis; massive overhaul is needed. Most corporations acknowledge their pensions are insufficiently funded and Social Security may dry up in a few decades.

Whatever your company's combined programs, they may not be enough. Aurora Capital Strategies may be able to boost your gross pension by efficiently creating another. Your pre-tax dollars cost pennies; your balance sheet dollars cost real dollars; why not consider our programs?

Corporate leadership has two unique problems in funding company benefits and pensions. First, tax-favored qualified plans restrict highly compensated individuals, since there are limits on the amounts that can be deferred or contributed into these plans. In addition, non-discrimination rules require funding into these plans for all your qualified employees.

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