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Limit your company's exposure
  • Are your corporation's cash accounts within the same bank?
  • Are your corporation's cash reserves in only one currency?
  • Are your corporation's real estate holdings solely in the United States?
  • Are you evaluating the benefits of distributing corporate assets in other countries?

Although portfolio diversification is customarily explained with respect to stock markets, the same underlying principles apply to all assets comprising corporate portfolios. Aurora Capital Strategies creates asset allocation strategies appropriate for each corporation's individual industry and sector.

For our corporate clients, our Periscope Programs offer a simple diversification strategy to:

  • Eliminate/minimize exposure to company-specific risk
  • Minimize or reduce national systematic risk
  • Moderate short-term effects on portfolio value.

A well-diversified portfolio is one that is exposed only to market risk within asset classes. This requires utilizing a variety of significantly diverse investment vehicles. Don't you agree?

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