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When a key person walks out, lenders may want out
  • What happens to your company's revenue if your top salesperson or salespeople leave?
  • What happens if a key executive becomes unable to perform?

It is not goods, services, machines, or concepts that make money; only management—key individuals—make money. Lose a key player and you can lose substantial revenue, even the company.

Key people who are insured to indemnify the company. The Aurora Capital Strategies Periscope Plan guarantees the continuity of your business, protects all endeavors, and for shareholders, secures the ongoing revenue for the future. The safe, secure capacity of key people can be the difference between profit and loss. Insuring your key individuals means insuring profits. Our Periscope Plan offers a solid human asset protection strategy.

A non-qualified deferred compensation arrangement is an effective golden carrot to provide incentives to key employees to meet performance objectives and encourage them to remain with the company.

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